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Gloworm X2 1700 Lightset (G2.0)

Gloworm X2 1700 Lightset (G2.0)

Category: MTB & Road

Subcategory: Accessories


The X2 1700 Lightset (G1.0) from Gloworm offers a powerful and vibrant illumination that's ideal for off-road riding, any time of day, in all-weather conditions. It features 1700-lumens output for up to 4 hours at full power. Plus, it's durable, lightweight and powerful for mountain bike, gravel, adventure and touring cycling - it can be mounted securely to your helmet, handlebars or even head strap.

The 1700 lumen X2 is an evolution in night riding. CNC machined from a single block of 6061-T6 Alloy and weighing a mere 89g, this waterproof unit turns night into day. The X2 is the most versatile light in the Gloworm range, working effectively as either a bar or helmet light.

Customise Your Light Output – IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) 
IMT defines the Gloworm ethos of versatility. IMT provides the freedom to use the Gloworm light in the default settings or to completely customise for ultimate personalisation.

Default Settings:

  • Trail – Low / Medium / High. Special mode: Super Dim
  • Commute – Low / High. Special mode: Flash (1 Flash every 2 seconds – Flash pattern is High/Low/High)

Special modes are activated by holding down the button for 2 sec. This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam. Additionally, the X2 is shut down by holding the button for appx 5sec. IMT gives you the flexibility of refined programmes and modes without needing to access them every time you go from High mode back to low.

Wireless TX Remote
The revolutionary Gloworm Wireless TX Remote enables you to always keep your hands on the controls and its small size has a minimal footprint on the bicycle’s cockpit. The wireless remote can be configured to operate multiple Gloworm lights simultaneously using the simple pairing process.

Price: £169.99

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