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Prologo Scratch DEA Tirox

Prologo Scratch DEA Tirox

Category: MTB & Road

Subcategory: Parts & Components

The Scratch DEA is designed specifically for the female anatomy, and can be used for a variety of disciplines. 

The round shape ensures comfort and performance. Women generally have a larger pelvis than men and therefore need more surface for support.

Prologo have increased the thickness of the padding with a new active foam combined with the PAS channel, which provides greater comfort in areas where the pressure is higher. Saddle measurement is fundamental but the shape also effects comfort, which is the reason it measures at 143mm wide.

The PAS system is a channel in the base of the saddle. The hole or channel helps to maximises blood flow and supports the pelvic area while also preventing pressure peaks. This system is designed and developed to eliminate pressure and numbness to areas that need it most.


• Size: 280x143mm
• Rail: TiroX Alloy 7mm
• Cover: Microfibre
• Padding: Light Foam
• Weight: 228g

Price: £104.99

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