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Prologo Zero 2 134 CPC Tirox

Prologo Zero 2 134 CPC Tirox

Category: MTB & Road

Subcategory: Parts & Components

An ideal saddle for medium and short distance riding where a frequent change in position is necessary. The flat shape in conjunction with the rigid saddle shell give a very direct ride feeling.

The flat shape is most suited for cyclists with good lumber flexibility and allows easy movement of seating position, making it ideal for experienced riders that like to change position to really put the power down.

CPC: Connect Power Control: Prologo patented technology. The specially designed CPC surface features a mat of hollow cones of various heights and diameters, arranged for maximum benefits to the rider. These include optimum grip, shock absorption and air cooling. It also enhances blood flow through a massaging action, reducing numbness and tendon related discomfort. 

The Zero saddle uses Prologo's ESD technology. Ergonomic Shape Design is where Prologo have identified a new ergonomic design for the centre of the saddle, which allows more space for your legs and an overall better cycling position. 

Further to this, the ESD reduces the friction of the quadriceps against the body of the saddle.


• Size: 278x134mm
• Rail: TiroX Alloy 7mm
• Cover: Microfibre + CPC
• Padding: Light Foam
• Weight: 197g

Price: £139.99

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