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Rocky Mountain Growler 40 - 2022

Rocky Mountain Growler 40 - 2022

Category: MTB

Subcategory: Bikes

Sizes available: Small & Large

Hard trails on hardtail ain’t dead.

Meet the new standard in burly hardtail elegance. 

The Growler proves that the secret order of hardtail trail shredders is alive and thriving. Sure, it’s got that classic hardtail profile. But 21st century touches across the platform reveal a future proofed, instant classic. 29x2.6 tires for ridiculous grip. An aggressive ride character for surprising levels of confidence while descending or ripping tough trails. A refreshingly simple (and tough) package for rowdy days at the trails. More satisfying than a tropical IPA growler fill on a hot day—and way, way faster.

Price: £1799.99

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